"Goat Mom"


August 1st, 1979 (35)


Yesanpo Scenic Area, China






Ilaan (Bovine)


Saanen Goat


Serverbob Mercenaries (Pvt.[C])


"Goat Mom"; "Mom";"Goat"



Chun-Ni is a goat Ilaan mercenary.


Chun-Ni Zhou is a goat Ilaan born on August 1st, 1979, in the Yesanpo Scenic Area in China where she lived until she was eighteen years old. Contrary to the country's standards, Chun-Ni was schooled at home where she was taught in english and learned chinese from her parents. She was socialized with children her age around the park, but many of them were very interested in meeting an Ilaan face to face. The government of China did not care much for Ilaans.

When she turned eighteen, she moved to the Democraftic Republic of the Congo in Africa. Another Ilaan, this time a gorilla mercenary by the name of Nathan Sayre, took interest in her after seeing her a few times in the market place. Attempt after attempt was made to have her come to him, but she refused everytime with, "If he's so interested in me, have him come ask me himself". Acting on the challenge, he came to meet her the next time with several gifts. She was flattered enough to give him a chance.

After a month of dating, they were married. Within the next two years, they had a son--a goat son--and named him Miracle. However, married life with Miracle and Nathan weren't the greatest. Nathan was abusive when he was drunk or under the influence of drugs, which was a very regular occurrence. In fact, one night while defending Miracle while he was drunk, he hit her with a pie server on her left shoulder which left a deep cut.

Miracle's school decided to take an end-of-the-year trip to the city of Beijing. Chun-Ni was excited that her son was now going to get to see her homeland. Not being able to chaperone for the trip, she let her son go by himself. After only a couple of days of being there, she received a phone call from the teacher, telling her know that Miracle had been arrested. No one would give her any reasons as to why he was detained.

Immediately after hearing this, she and her husband began to appeal to the Chinese government asking for their son's release. Being able to do nothing from the DRC, she flew to China alone, under Nathan's advice that someone should stay behind just in case there's something that needs to be done from home.

While in China appealing for his release, she was arrested and detained herself. Nathan got her out and brought her back to the DRC. It was then that she decided that she wanted to be a mercenary like her husband to get Miracle out of prison.

After many differences about handling how to get Mircale out, and Nathan's disinterest in getting him out at all, finally caused the two of them to separate. She joined the same PMC group that her husband was a part of, The "Serverbob" Mercenaries.

After completing her combat training, helped by her husband, she began to fight in areas all around the world. There, she's met many of her friends and those that she would even consider to be part of her family.


Beyung-Ju Zhou


Wei-Lu Ming (Zhou)


Nathan Sayre


Miracle Sayre



  • She supplies her team with milk and desserts.
  • She likes mint leaves.
  • She hates swearing, drug use, and alcoholism.
  • She has training with a variety of different weapons including: assault rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, rifles, pistols, and light machine guns.
  • She is fluent in both English and Chinese.
  • She has an opinion for a variety of weapons:
  1. She hates the Ak-47, Barret .50 Cal, and P90.
  2. She loves the M4, Mini-Uzi, Dragunov, M40A3, MP44, RPD, Skorpion, MP5, and M1014.
  • She gets angry rather easily.
  • She has four toes in total; two on each foot, but has five fingered hands.
  • She was the military equivalent of a Sergeant when she first started fighting, but was later promoted to a 2nd Lieutenant in the future.
  • She has been separated from her husband, Negro Slasher (an Ape), since a year after Miracle was arrested.
  • She gets very needy when she hasn't been milked.
  • While in training, she was banned from the use of grenade launchers and her M4 by Negro because she would get too aggressive with them.
  • Her dossier says that she's 5'6" and weighs 114 pounds and that she was born to Beyung-Ju Zhou and Wei-Lu Ming.
  • Her weapon of choice is the M4A1 with a grenade launcher. Her camouflage of choice is also "Red Tiger".
  • She has a scar on her left shoulder inflicted by her husband while defending Miracle.
  • She was transferred out of area on April 17th of 2017 for rotation. She was replaced in squad by Infected32.