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Dr. Tanner Denton

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The Denton Engineered All Purpose Testing Suit, Model 117. This was Doctor Denton's most difficult and first full project for his job at RSRF. He originally thought of the APTS while observing a Co-Op Test and seeing how easy it was to finish. He then brought this up with the Administrator, who agreed that it was a waste of money for something that doesn't seem like anything. The Admin then heard about Denton's idea and felt he was crazy. After some consideration, he agreed to fund the Co-Op for what he'd asked. Tanner then worked on the first models of the APTS, which proved to be a failure. The Administrator lost his confidence in Tanner's work and stripped him of his position. This didn't stop Tanner from trying to build it. He even pleaded for funding from the Vice-Admin, to some avail. He built the APTS out of spare parts, and amazed the RSRF staff that it actually worked. The Admin then gave Tanner enough money to build a "professionally" made one. Thus, started the first twenty-five models.

After those didn't pan out, he decided to improve it; having the military in mind this time. He built several different bullet-resistant models, but was unsatisfied by the range of firearms that were penetrating the armor. Working tirelessly, he eventually made it to the 115th model of the APTS, only to be turned down by the military. Still, he added the last two things to it. He made it the All Purpose Testing Suit, leaving in every "milestone" attachment in the suit.

In simple overview, the APTS is High-Impact Reactive. It is made to protect the user from blunt-trauma, energy discharges, radiation, and extreme heat. The helmet was designed out of the same armor, with unbreakable glass in the eyepieces, also having breathing, filter, and radio apparatuses installed in the second model.

Notable Features:

Built-in LED flashlight

Built-in walkie-talkie (set default to RSRF testing frequencies[communicates through the helmet])

Built-in Morphine Administration System

High-Impact Reactive Armor

Rubber Insulation (Protects from electrical shock)

Built-in heating and cooling system

Built-in blood plasma supplier

DE-APTS117 - DERIC - DET-129 - DETT-03 - DHHTD-110
DE-APTS117 - DHHTD-110