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October 15th, 1945





Located In/At:





Defense of Ilaa and Ilaan citizens.


Green Paw, Red Paw, Blue Paw, and Purple Paw.



Branches (Defense)

Green Paw

Ranks of police:

Private, Sergeant,Officer, and Commissioner

Ranks of SWAT:

Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Commissioner

Red Paw

Ranks of FBI:

Agent, Region Director, Director

Red Paw and Blue Paw (Combat)

Ranks of Military:

Private, Private First Class , Specialist ,Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, Master Sergeant, First Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major, 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant, and Captain.

Red Paw and Blue Paw (Officer)

Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General, and General.

The Cabinent Leader of the military division of the Fajestic has the highest rank of the Fajestic; Commander. The Commander is appointed by the President, and has control over major military decisions (only overruled by the President). The Commander's rank differs from Commander to Commander (every time there is a Presidential election, the President can "swap out" the Commander if they do not want them. [The Commander is only allowed to stay in the Cabinent for eight years.])

Other Classifications


Pink Paw are the civilians. They do not hold defensive positions, but hold down any other job that is not military or governmental (clerks, bus drivers, etc.).


Ilaans living in "The Pound" for breaking the law, or assumed criminals.


The classification to government officials NOT of Blue Paw standing (Executive).


Government officials that DO NOT belong to the Capital are not considered Blue Paw, but as Pink Paw (civilian representatives). Note: That Representatives CAN be moved up in office if prompted by the President or at the peoples request.


There are Representatives from each "sector" of Ilaa. These Representatives are elected by the people and for the people. The people get the first say in any of their decisions. The meeting place of all Representatives is at the Capital Building in Goliath.  Only one is elected out of each "sector".


The Legislators are the law makers on Ilaa. Once again, they follow a code much like the Constitution of the United States of America; the people get first say. They are elected by the people and belong to the Legislative Branch of the Ilaan Government.


The Judges are the law defenders on Ilaa. The Supreme Court of Ilaa is the final place something would go if it didn't have the content to stand in the "people's court". Like all other officials, they are elected by and for the people. Judges may be impeached by the people or fired by the president (under the Constitution, of course).  They belong to the Judicial branch of Ilaa.


The highest rank on Ilaa. They have the say in every law, every official, every decision that is not of Executive Order. The Voters are anyone who is:

1. A citizen of Ilaa by birth and of the age 26, and must be actively working.

2. A foreign citizen who has filed for citizenship, has been a citizen for two years, and has an active job.

3. Of Pink Paw or higher status. (Orange Pawed citizens cannot vote for 20 years)


The second highest rank in Ilaan government. The President is the highest card holder in this branch. This Ilaan is the leader of Ilaa and has the largest, possessing Executive Order privileges. Each member of the Executive branch is  in control of major things of the Ilaan Government (with the exception of the President who is the major controller of the branch). The Executive branch includes:

The President (who cannot be in active Fajestic Military, due to fear of military rule)

The Secretary of Defense (the Commander)

The Treasurer

The Vice-President

The Speaker of the People (a Representative appointed every four years who is selected by the peoples majority vote.)

They are the majors of the Executive, but they have their own people they can appoint below them.

Young Fajestic

The Young Fajestic is similar to the Boy Scouts of America. Enrolled nine through sixteen year olds learn survival skills, gain knowledge about what the Fajestic stands for, the Fajestic Oath, meet friends, and learn leadership skills. Each Young Fajestic member has a Fajestic military combat rank and is in a Squadron or Patrol (depending on what the Leader in charge is ranked as).

The Young Fajestic are split up into two divisions (just a seperation of gender). The girls learn and train around other girls and boys around other boys. The only time the girls and boys are ever doing anything together is when they meet every month for their "combat games".

Combat Games:

Combat Games are the games played by the Young Fajestic twelve times out of the year (every month on the third Saturday). These games are played with the CS-v13 Helment, CS-v11 Chestplate, CS-v10.5 Leggings, and CS-v5 Boots as equipment. The weapons are the CS-MP7, CS-PR5, CS-G17, CS-L118 or CS-RSASS, CS-FB, and CS-M69. The equipment has a special feature that when hit in a certain area, it can completely immobilize the player. If a certain area is hit a certain amount of times, it will "freeze" the area. A direct headshot, shot to the heart, or neck will automatically freeze the whole body and cause the player to drop.

Face Off

Face Off is a leader pick game played with the same equipment as the other two combat games. The leader from both divisions chooses one person from their class to fight each other on the Skirmish field. This game is played with a wager; usually of twenty-five dollars. The winner gets the money, and the loser is side-lined. The leader can pick themself, if they want. The whole goal in this is competition to win.


Skirmish is where the two divisions fight against each other. The whole goal is to kill every member of the opposing team. First to do this is the victor. This team has the whole goal of obedience and practicing what has been learned and to test the tactics discussed earlier by the team.

Ranks, Combat Promotions, and Promotion Process

The initial rank earned by a Young Fajestic student is from their score on the "Placement Test". Whatever they score, correct answer on a certain amount of the fifty questions and how the written portions are answered, determines their rank. The person to gain the rank of Captain, the highest rank available in the Young Fajestic, will gain the position and title of "Squadron Leader". The second highest ranking is the "Assistant Squadron Leader". If no one in the class scores Captain, which happens very often, then the highest ranking student in the class is appointed as the "Patrol Leader". The second highest ranking one is given the title and position of, "Assistant Patrol Leader".

All possible ranks that can be scored on the test or earned in a combat promotion:

Private, Private First Class , Specialist ,Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, Master Sergeant, First Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major, 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant, and Captain

A combat promotion is only possible during a Skirmish, Negotiation, or Face Off. These promotions are given by observors who watch the Combat Games. If they notice something that a student did and find it as interesting or very smart, they are rewarded by a rank up. On the notice given to the student who earns the rank up, they will be told what they did that got them the ranking. The observor signs simply as "Observor #" and their number (1-14). The observor has to be a ranking member of the Young Fajestic, at least a teacher, but can't KNOW or be KNOWN by any of the students. This makes sure that all promotions are legit and not because it's a friend of theirs. If a student is already an officer, they will not get anymore promotions.

Young Fajestic as an Apprenticeship

In some cases, like with the FBI, an apprenticeship is offered to those who are seeking a career with a certain branch of the Fajestic. This requires that the apprentice meet with the mentor every month for a run up of what's going on, maybe even help try to solve cases (FBI). This, if continued, will happen up to the apprentice turns 16. Then, they gain a job if they pass the final test.


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