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Map of Ilaa



Location Type:

Interdimensional Island and Country


Ilaans and Reps (lower than 4%)

Total Area:

16,364,899 Miles


Individual city governments (Mayor-council), Executive Federal Government (President, Vice President, etc.), Individual "Partition" governments (Governors)






Founding and Early Info

Ilaa is an island located in the "Stealas Galaxy". The nation of Ilaa was founded by Marcus Tenyer, on October 10th, 1945, after the Stealasbeforians released the Ilaans from slavery. The first town was established on the far east side of Ilaa, next to the ocean. This first town was named New Haven and was established as the first capital up until 1956 when Goliath became the capital after being built in a more "central" area. The first exploration of the west side of Ilaa was slow and took years to complete, although it was achieved. Within twenty-five years after exploration, the place became more and more populated. Ilaa had around 600 functional towns on the whole island by the year 1976. The Fajestic was the first and permanent government established on Ilaa.

Topographical Appearance

Ilaa is generally just hills, plains, and a large mountain range called the Kityak Mountain Range. The highest point on Ilaa is Shadow Mountain with the elevation of 200,000 feet.

Rivers and vegetation are extremely common. The biggest forest on Ilaa is the Red Forest, reaching three miles on each side of it. Biggest river is the Continental River on the East side of Ilaa, roughly 100 feet wide and over 2,000 miles long.


The Fajestic is the ruling government on Ilaa. The Fajestic is comprised of two political parties; Domestics and Ferals. The Fajestic divided it's defense department into two "paw colors". Red Paw is the military branch and Blue Paw is the Special Ops and government branch. The "paw color" of a person doesn't truly matter, giving no special abilities or discounts anywhere. The paw color was established as a means of identifying groups of work during a "check" in the year 1980. Soon, it stuck as a means of identifying a person's status of work. Orange Paw is the LOWEST and WORST paw color available. If Orange Pawed, you are put down for capture due to a wrong. The government is for the people, by the people.

Species on Ilaa

Species of Ilaans range all over Ilaa. Feline and Canines of all breeds exist on Ilaa. Some Horse Ilaans still exist on Ilaa, but that number had decreased very fast. Canines dominate the population bar by more than a third to felines, those this doesn't mean anything other than a difference in species-related stuff.

Most common species of Ilaans:

Wolves, Foxes, Coyotes


Reps are what inhabited Ilaa in its beginning, they are a reptilian type anthro that looks a lot like lizards. They ranged from about 4 foot to 6 and a half feet tall. Their language consisted of a set of different chirps and groans for words. However, some did speak English. Currently, Neekos consist less than 5% of the population as to their 1945-1976 population. This is due to them leaving to return to Tygon. All of the Reps are of the present generation of Ilaans.

Differences from Ilaans:

They do not have hair, their pupil is almond-shaped instead of circular, they only have three types of eye color (dark green, light green, and burgondy), they are born with their tail, they have no outward reproductive organs, their stomach is used as a womb, they have no outward ears (only holes), they walk Digitigrade, they have scales, and they can sweat.


Ilaans (known as "Furries" by the Mesopadamians) are the anthro inhabitants who own Ilaa. They are more like humans than their fur-bearing counterparts, with some obvious differences to humans and animals (snout, animal ears, tails that are produced after puberty, mamarry glands like humans, genital glands like that of a humans, etc.).

Ilaans were first created by accident back in 1917, outside of the Mesopadamian-Marcusania border. A lab underneath the desert had a terrible accident, turning all 6,700 human workers into anthropomorphic animals. Their reproductive cells had also altered so much that they produced what they had become. Males and females alike experience interesting changes. Within three days, they had all grown tails. In the next 14 years, they had noticed that their children did not have tails at their birth, but after they hit puberty, they grew them. This all lead up to their enslavement in 1921, but that's a different story.

Ilaans do not have four toes, like animals, they have three. On their hands, they have claws that can grow to be at least two to three centimeters long and they have five fingers. This includes opposable thumbs. Despite their appearence, they cannot perform actions better than humans. Their sense of smell is that of a human's, despite having an animal's nose. Same goes for the ears. They also can see color, though color-blind Ilaans exist.

Ilaans do not sweat, nor do they pant. They breathe heavier when they're hot.

Location List

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