Miracle is the son of Chun-Ni Zhou and Nathan Sayre

Miracle Zhou


July 6th, 1999(17)


Yahuma, DRC
















Miracle was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo only two years after his mom and dad had been married. Once he was able to begin learning, his parents begin to teach him things he'd need in his life. Chun-Ni was originally against teaching him how to shoot a gun at such an early age, but Negro had insisted that it was best to teach him when he was young and even offered to teach her how to use a gun as well. This, of course, lightened her worry and the training began. Miracle was never a good shot however, much to his father's disappointment and, sometimes, outrage.

Off of the shooting range, his mother would teach him to read, to write, to cook, and wash clothes. He'd asked a few times for her to teach him Chinese, but she never found the time for full lessons. Among that, his home life with his dad was declining. Negro no longer saw him as the little boy that he'd never thought he wanted but now as a problem--along with his wife. He'd beat Chun-Ni the most (mainly because she'd rather be hurt instead of Miracle).

To get him out of the house and to give a better education than what she could offer, she sent him to the local school. This was helpful for his own morale as he met new kids and made many new friends (mainly because he was an Ilaan and not many of the kids had seen one before). At least here he could forget about the troubles he encountered at home.

At school, things had been going well. Now he was 13 years old in middle school and their school was going on a field trip to China. His mother encouraged him to go and see her homeland. When the time came for the trip, the school left and within a couple of days Miracle was arrested for unknown reasons.

Four years later, Miracle still remains at the Chang Political Prison in Beijing and the details behind his arrest have never been fully disclosed.


  • His name is Miracle because Chun-Ni felt that it was a miracle that he was born.