Timeline Date:

May 19th-20th, 2028


Draft Breezeway, Kalamari Nelson, Misserie, Zephyr Breezeway, Kojak Eagleson, and several background characters


Draft's apartment (Pt.1 only), Kalamari's residence (Pt.2 only), The Cafe Baltic (Pts. 3-5), outside of Misserie's apartment (Pt.6 only)

Number of Episodes:







Draft accepts a blind date with one of Kalamari's friends. However, through a misunderstanding and a date--it may turn out to be full of misery.



  • Draft and Kalamari were watching Red Dead Revolver.
  • The first part is the first time Draft's apartment is seen.
  • Kalamari refers to Misserie as a "friend" of hers.
  • In the background of Draft's apartment, he has a bookshelf. On this bookshelf are 5 pictures: one of his mother, one of his sister, and one of Spitfire. There is also a trophy and 3 Freddy Fazbear's Pizza plushies.
  • According to the 2nd part, Kalamari and Draft made a promise to just stay friends.
  1. Kalamari apparently found Draft's goof to be cute, because she gives a shy blush after he leaves.
  • Apparently, Draft didn't know where the cafe was exactly and had to find out, hence why it took him longer to get there.
  • Skittle works here, as seen in the background with her on the phone.
  • This comic introduces Kojak Eagleson, a royal guard for Princess Twilight Sparkle, and Zephyr's boyfriend.
  • Draft despises alcohol just like his parents.
  • The mare that Draft sat with at first is Softy. She meets with Bon Bon later on, exchanges a phone and some words, but whatever is said makes her visibly upset.
  1. What Softy says means " Is the weather usually so cool?" in Polish.
  • Misserie already had some wine before Draft arrived, as seen by her empty glass and empty bottle.
  • Misserie seems to live at a duplex, some of her decorations can be seen from the outside window.
  • Draft remained polite even after the miserable experience but let himself know that he was never doing that again.

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