May 9th, 1975 (41)


Fort Wayne, Indiana






Ilaan (Bovine)


Chianina Bull


US Marines (Corporal[F]);Serverbob Mercenaries (Cpt.[C])






Nathan Sayre is an anthropomorphic gorilla who was born on May 9th, 1975, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Not much is known about his early life except that he enlisted in the Marine Corps after high school at 18 and was dishonorably discharged for sexual assault only a year later. After this, he became a mercenary, was given a team and sent to Africa. 

Only being in the Congo a couple of weeks, he became as feared as the drug lords; becoming especially known for his cruelty. Because of this, he got whatever he wanted--no one wanted to mess with him and none of his team wanted to oppose him either. One day, he noticed a young goat Ilaan by the name of Chun-Ni step off of a transport boat. He immediately took a liking to her and requested that she be his.

Though he originally just wanted her to be his "special playmate", they married in three weeks and within two years, they had a son--a goat son--named Miracle. Sometime after his birth, he fell into a heavy habit of drinking and doing drugs (much to Chun-Ni's extreme distaste). He treated both her and Miracle as objects rather than family; physically abusing and taunting them sometimes.

At the age of thirteen, Miracle took a school trip to the city of Beijing. For unknown reasons, he was arrested and transferred to the Chang Political Prison Complex where he remains to this day.

After fruitless (and half-hearted on his part) appeals to the Chinese government, Nathan and Chun-Ni separated (but still remained married) and let her just move away to the United States. He stayed in the Congo, still ruling his "kingdom". He would see Chun-Ni several times again after their separation on the battlefield.

He was sent back to the Congo after more dishonorable conduct--this time observed and punished by his and Chun-Ni's superiors. It is assumed that he went back to the Congo and stayed there or that he was stripped of his rank, his fortune, and dignity.


  • His favorite weapon is the AK-47--the total opposite of Chun-Ni.
  • His dossier says that he's 6'1" and weighs 216 lbs.