• M. has 4 brothers, has a "friend of a friend" who has access to the Canterlot Library, gets offended easily, and may have a large role in the future with the ZB comic.


  • "Jest to zwykle ta zimno o tej porze roku?"


  • Went out with FF for winning 2nd place in a WB contest. She showed interest in him and gave him her telephone number, kissed him, and left; he never called her.

Fem D.

  • May have a crush on D.C.B., is best friends with Z.B., lives with D, and works with Z.B., too.


  • Was caused by the continued "exploration" of Earth by Equ.; the EF felt this was an invasion, found where these "invaders" were coming from and attacked, going after P.C.; this was all from "Compass" convincing her that it'd be a good idea, but they'd have to use the EoH to power the long-range teleporter.
  • All Equ'ans were detained after the war; P.C. was executed after her trial on Earth.
  • Actually only lasted 67 hrs.
  • Loss of Equ'an life was 227; EF loss of life was 28.
  • P.C. ordered all Equ'an forces to stand down during the last 6 hrs.; this didn't happen very quick.
  • In Cloudsdale, the militia surrendered before any fighting actually started.
  • P.C. was captured in her throne room with most of her aids, and her sister.
  • P.L. had forces that helped attack during the first night and morning, but they weren't effective and most of them were killed; she recalled the remaining guards to Canterlot to be messengers, deliverers, and to train militias in other towns/cities.
  • The Mane 6 was tasked with getting neighboring countries to assist in the war, however, they were unsuccessful, and P.C. ordered them to stop, telling them that Equ. was surrendering.
  • When the EF captured Canterlot and entered P.C.'s throne room, she and her aids did not fight back, though, they were tazed to avoid any temptation.
  • P.C. was paraded through Canterlot's streets in a humiliating fashion before being loaded on a spacecraft to be brought back to Earth.


  • "Compass" felt responsible for the whole 3daywar and tried to convince the EF that he was to blame, not P.C.; they were not interested and told him that, "if you're seeking punishment, your guilt is punishment enough in our eyes". This began the full planning for Requiem.
  • "Compass"'s wife divorced him, taking their daughter, after he had spent more time working on Requiem than with them; he was unphased by this.
  • "Compass's daughter" wanted to make peace with her father later in her life; this restored their relationship.