Turning Tables Series

First Story Published:

Sometime in 2010


Russia, Afghanistan, United States


Lt. Sarah Haws, Lt. Damian Shields, Gen. Tanner Denton, Eleazar, Sgt. Celeste "Nikki" Patane, Caleb Patterson, Lt.Col. Sam Pallock, Lt. Jordan Sheldahl, Agent Nicholas Winter


O.S.S. (Office of Secret Students), Ambassador Army, Russian Soldiers, A.T.U. (Anti Terror Unit), F.B.I.

Last Story Published:

September 29th, 2010

Turning Tables

Kityak Mountains, Russia 10:00 AM,

“Hurry Sarah! I’m freezing down here!” was the probable response from the mouth of Lt.Shields. Nobody blamed him not even Lt. Haws. The 10 below temperature was frequent here but neither of the two had been there before. She made it to the top of the ice cliff and tossed him the ice axes. He started his ascent towards her. While Damian was climbing up Sarah was thinking of her friends in the OSS (Office of Secret Students). All of which were on separate Search and Destroy missions. But the OSS had paired them both up together and they both would’ve shot each other if possible. Damian made it up, but instead of giving her the ice axes he made the jump and climbed to the next cliff. He made it to the top of that one and smiled at her. She started to look angry so he tossed her the ice axes. She jumped but the ice axes just wouldn’t catch the ice and stay. She was slipping. Damian wasn’t there, he was on the next cliff. The right axe broke out of the ice and fell 5,000 feet to the bottom of the mountain. She held on to the left axe for as long as she could but it snapped in two and she was suspended in the air for a split second before something grabbed her hand. It was Damian’s hand. He pulled her up to the cliff. Neither said anything about what just happened. Damian already went through the weapons drop as he had a silenced M21 with a thermal sight in his hand. He slid it on to the rifle and said, “ There’s an ACR and a .USP 45 in the drop. I got everything else.” She mumbled, “Figures.” and took the guns. They turned their radios on and split up. A warehouse with a sign above it said in Russian, “Explosives: Do not smoke near this building.” She went in and took as much C4 as she could fit in her kit. She went to a Hangar that said, “ Fuel.” And had the exact same message as before. She put one charge on the biggest fuel tank she saw. She moved from hangar to hangar until she got down to the last charge. She was setting up the last charge when the hangar doors opened and she heard guns cock. Not just one, but at least thirty all at the same time. Sarah turned around and seeing the barrels of frosted over guns, put up her hands. The guys were all Russian ABS (Air Base Security). Every single man fell down at the same time as Damian said, “ One shot and uh...They tripped.”

Sarah finished setting the last charge and she said, “Okay they’re all set let’s go!” She clicked the detonator which was a bad idea. Every hangar exploded even the one she was eight feet in front of. She was launched into the air and she landed on the concrete runway. Damian ran by and yanked her to her feet. They were running to a plane on the east end of the runway. Damian got into the pilot’s seat and started the engines. He was going to fly the plane. Damian turned around, “Cover us I’ll get the plane on the merge for take off!” Sarah was using the ACR while Damian was pushing the throttle up slowly. They were at the edge of the runway when they took off. The Air Base was in flames. Damian commented on the sight, “They’ll be extra warm tonight.” They arrived back at base before anyone else. There sitting with the new member was General Denton. Denton looked up and said, “Here are the 2 I was just talking about Lt. Damian Shields and Lt. Sarah Haws the only two who are partners of the exact same rank.” The new member stood up and said, “ I’m Sgt. Celeste Patane but you can call me Nikki.” They all shook hands. Nikki went back to the barracks. General Denton motioned Damian and Sarah to sit down, “So I see the mission went well in Kityak?” Damian explained how Sarah almost fell to her death on one of the slopes and how she almost blew herself up. Sarah was embarrassed when he said this but they all managed to break up laughing. Sarah said, “I don’t want you guys telling anybody else in the OSS about this, okay?” They both nodded still laughing a bit. Denton said, “Get some rest you guys are going on another mission tomorrow. You know the one I’m talking about, involving our informant.” They went back to the barracks. Damian went to his bunk and Sarah went to her’s. Damian could hear Sarah and Nikki talking. On Damian’s side was the boy’s and on the other side was the girls, each separated by a metal door that no one had permission to open as there was no handle on either side. The motto for the new people in the barracks was, “East side boys and West side girls.” The rest of the OSS team came back to the barracks. Everyone was alive. Damian went up to the “Bed Board: Boys” He read it top to bottom. Trenton Haile, Mason Blanner, Daniel Hernandez, Kaleb Delisle, Michael Bell, and Damian Shields. Damian said hi to his closest friends Mike and Kaleb. The next morning came. Sarah and Damian were the only ones up when Denton gave their briefing. They were off when the others were waking up. Soon Damian and Sarah were over Afghanistan, the target area. They jumped out of the plane into the desert. “The contact’s name is Eleazar he’s supposed to be at the coordinates on the map.” Damian repeated when they landed on the ground. Out from some bushes came A man in Desert camouflage. Damian and Sarah both pointed their guns at the strange man. He said, “Do you want my information or not?” They put down their guns. “So you’re Eleazar?” Sarah asked.

The man nodded, “ I have bad news and no good news, all of your team is in terrible danger.” Damian and Sarah both looked at each other. Damian asked, “How?” Eleazar tried to say something but I sniper’s bullet hit him before he could say why. “Ambush! Left side! Left side!” Sarah shouted. Damian pointed to Eleazar, “ Sarah you take care of him I’ll deal with talking to Denton.” Sarah went right to work as bullets flew all around in every direction one of which hit Damian in the shoulder. Damian’s hand started to bleed profusely. He turned to Sarah, “Can I have some of that bandage there?” She handed it to him not knowing what it was for, not caring really. He wrapped his shoulder up with the bandage and tried to get a hold of Denton, “Sir! General Denton this is Lt. Shields we have been compromised Eleazar is down Sarah is trying to help him!” After 2 minutes of waiting and shooting back, the radio finally made a response, “Lt. Haws and Shields we are recalling all troops to the C130. The plane is heading to the shelter I’m already there waiting for everyone else you have 45 minutes to get to the designated extraction zone where the plane will land, you will have 30 seconds to get in before the plane will leave. Denton out.” Sarah looked at Damian and said, “Is he serious!?” Damian nodded, “Lets get out of here!” Sarah stopped and looked back at Eleazar, “What about him!?” Damian turned around, “He’s dead leave him!” They ran into heavy resistance at 45 yards from their past position. There was the landing area and the plane that was coming in. They weren’t there and the C130 was there. Waiting...

It took off. Sarah and Damian in the exact same area as before except this time they were safe in a deep cave that dropped down a whole. Sarah was in the corner trying to contact someone on the plane, “Hello? C130 of the OSSRS (Office of Secret Students Rescue Service) Is anyone hearing this message?” On her first try someone answered, “This is Lt. Colonel Haile how may we be of any assistance Lt. Haws?” She sighed a sigh of relief, “We were too late to get aboard and no one would answer the radio at the shelter.” All of a sudden in the background was the sound of an alarm blaring. Sarah asked, “What’s that?” Haile replied, “It’s the lock on alarm! A SAM has locked on to us! OH CRAP!” An explosion and the sounds of screaming was quickly cut off by Sarah who started crying. Damian stood up, “Something’s not right about that plane going down they would’ve entered friendly area 5 minutes after take off and it’s been 18 minutes past their take off. All plane’s take the exact same route and they never had that problem.” Sarah looked up at Damian who seemed to be right, “So you’re saying that someone personally took out the OSS?” Damian nodded, “And we may be the only two OSS members left. No matter how bad we hate each other we absolutely have to stop whoever did this. We are no longer Lt. Damian Shields,” Sarah stood up and interrupted, “And Lt. Sarah Haws.” Damian continued, “ We are just Damian and Sarah.” They pulled their gear together and quickly took off to where they had left Eleazar. He was still there, Alive. Damian said, “The C130 was shot down, we were too late to get on it. Was that what you were talking about?” Eleazar nodded. They took him back to the cave. Eleazar continued what he was saying before, “ You guys were in danger because of the SAM sites that were placed in your friendly zone. Denton must not of contacted the C130 in time or he didn’t believe me and never tried.” Damian piped in and said, “I’ll try to contact Denton.” After an hour Damian gave up. Eleazar pulled out a disc, “It has the info you need. Follow the coordinates.” Damian uploaded it on his laptop and printed out the coordinates. Eleazar was going to stay in Afghanistan. Sarah and Damian were using a boat to get to the coordinates. There it was an oil rig in the middle of the Atlantic. They boarded by ladder. They got to the control room without getting spotted. There was a computer that Damian started to hack, “ Oh my gosh! I don’t believe it.” Sarah looked. It was a picture of Denton and below was his plan to destroy the OSS. Sarah shook her head, “So it was Denton all along.” A voice behind them said, “Yup, it was me all the time.” They both turned around only to see Denton in his American uniform with Russian soldiers pointing their guns at the two. Denton said something in Russian and left. One of the Russian soldiers started to speak in English with a heavy Russian accent, “You two drop your weapons! Now!” They both dropped the assault rifles and kicked them forward. Damian glanced at the gun Sarah kept in her holster. Damian grabbed at it and fired killing every Russian soldier one by one. Sarah and Damian grabbed the assault rifles and followed after Denton. He got into a chopper and started to take off. While the two fired he got up in the air higher and higher.

Sarah stopped firing and ran to the Little Bird helicopter. She started the engine and Damian got into the chopper. Soon they were side by side with Denton’s helicopter. Damian fired three shots into the engine of his helicopter. Denton’s engine caught fire and he started to descend. Denton’s helicopter slammed into Sarah’s and they both fell out of the sky and on to the helicopter platform. Sarah woke up with blood seeping into her eyes. A huge gash deep into her forehead. Her left leg was injured to much to walk. The helicopter was on its side. There was smoke and fire on the pad so much she couldn’t see Damian anywhere. She saw a figure move in the smoke. She went up to the figure but it wasn’t him. It was Denton. He punched her. She fell to the ground and said, “Why destroy the OSS?” He replied, “You won’t know because I won’t tell you. But first of all you don’t know what it’s like to have fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters to cry out against you. Second of all there’s nothing you’ll understand.” Suddenly someone tackled Denton and started a fist fight. It was Damian. Scratches and bruises all over his face. He got the first four punches before they came back. Sarah could only lay there and watch. Soon Denton had Damian pinned up against the railing. Holding Damian from a hundred foot drop was that railing. Damian glanced at the injured Sarah who was watching. Denton asked, “Any last words?” Damian said, “If I’m going you’re coming too.” Damian kicked Denton in the leg as he pushed forward. They fell off the platform. Sarah was still looking in that direction when she started to fade out of consciousness. The sound of a helicopter above where she laid then she looked in front of her. It was a Blackhawk helicopter and someone wearing a vest with an American flag patch. Sarah’s vision blurred as someone got closer and bent down over her. The name she could read on the vest was Sgt. Chad Freeman...

Turning Tables 2

3 years ago... Sarah was lifted into the helicopter by this Chad. She could hear more and more voices echoing in her mind one saying, “Name? What’s your name?” She lost conscious there and woke up in a hospital. The room was white and the only other person there was Sgt. Chad Salaets. He asked, “How are you feeling?”. She replied, “I feel dizzy, what happened?” Chad said, “ I spotted the crash of your helicopter from a couple hundred yards from the oil rig it was on. We saved you. The doctor said you’ll be able to leave in a week. How would you like to join the ATU (Anti Terror Unit)?” She sharply replied, dizzy and drowsy,“When do I start?”. 3 years later... Saguaro firebase Day 1 9:54 AM “Jordan! Lt. Sheldahl!” Jordan turned around, “Yeah Captain?” Sarah looked at him with a fierce expression, “They need an engineer for Delta for today and you’re the guy I want over there. Make us look good. Okay?” Jordan nodded and went over to their part of the base. Sarah could hear him saying, “You guys must really not know what you’re doing, huh?” Chad came out of the office, “Sarah they want to see you.” Sarah walked in and said, “Yes Pallock?” Lt. Colonel Sam Pallock was his name and working with Denton was his game, “I pulled out a few names out of a hat and we need you and Jordan to go on a mission in a place called Kityak.” Sam showed Sarah the papers, “Kityak?” Sam nodded, “That’s where you and him are going.” Sarah could remember the mission in Kityak with the OSS. That was when Damian was alive but that was her past.

She found Jordan in the military hospital a couple minutes later. According to the doctor he had messed with one of the Delta members and ended up there with a bloody nose and a broken tooth. She pulled Jordan out of the hospital and to the helicopter that was going to Kityak. They arrived and went into the base that was in ruins of ice, snow, and metal. Jordan did seem surprised of the sight as Sarah wasn’t. “The target’s name is Steven Jenishovski or something like that.” Sarah said. They made it to a newly placed building. Sarah whispered, “He’s in there I bet.” Jordan placed the breaching charge on the door. It blew up and they both went in only to find that someone else had gotten them before they did. Sarah looked around at all the bodies tied sitting in a circle. A note was sitting in the middle of the room, “ Death comes quickly to those who see it, Sincerely yours Shadow.” Jordan was reading over Sarah’s shoulder, “ What does that mean?” A voice came out of no where and said, “It means this.” They both turned around and were blinded by a flashbang that threw them backwards into the wall. The voice said again, “Quickly doesn’t mean today but it does mean soon. I’m Shadow the ATU’s newest threat. Good luck killing me.” Sarah replied, “That’s what you think .” She jumped at Shadow but Shadow was able to flip her back to the ground with a loud thump. Shadow ran to an a waiting helicopter and took off. Jordan helped Sarah up and said, “We’ve got to go after him!” Sarah shook her head. They went back to base only to be sent on another mission. The target was Shadow. It was a full scale attack against one person. They arrived at a bombed out gulag in a black hawk helicopter. Sarah and her team got out while Chad stayed in the helicopter and got on the mini-gun. They got in fast and searched while Chad’s helicopter circled the area along with every other one that had a side mounted gun. Sarah and her team split up covering every place they could. Sarah was the first to find him. They got into a fist fight and Shadow had Sarah pinned. She was going to call for help but that was quickly stopped by Shadow who crushed the signal operator. Shadow looked down at her vest. And let her go. Shadow stepped away from her and said, “I remember you. Haws?” Sarah was confused. Shadow took his mask off. It wasn’t Shadow. It was Damian. Sarah was amazed. She looked at him and said, “So you’re alive and for three years what did you do?” Damian said, “ After I killed Denton I knew the Russian government would be coming for me so I swam to an island and was under a new name. And you?” Sarah said, “I became a captain with the ATU when the OSSI was closed down. Your friend saved me.” Damian smiled. They both fell down at the aftershock of an explosion. The place started to collapse around them. Damian shouted, “Come on! We’re going to be buried alive!” Sarah and Damian were desperately sprinting to a wall that had been blown out. On the other side was a helicopter that was hovering next to the hole. Chad was beckoning to them to hurry. Sarah jumped. Damian didn’t. She turned around he was running back into the area they had just left. Sarah shouted to him, “What are you doing!?” He turned around and said something that she couldn’t hear. The place was silent for a while until another bunker buster bomb hit the Gulag. Damian came back with Jordan and Tanner. They got into the helicopter and flew away before being caught in another explosion.

Back at base Sam and Damian were fighting. Damian walked in and Sam shouted, “I thought you were dead! Like you should be!” Damian replied cooly, “You and Denton are just the same. Cold blooded killers. Does the ATU know anything about your little airport massacre?” Sam’s eyes got wide and he whispered, “How’d you know?” Damian grinned, “I have an inside source. You don’t know about...” Damian sighed and shook his head, the grin faded. Sam looked closely at Damian, “You’re Shadow. I’ll put you under arrest, turn you in to the government.” Two hours later Sam put Damian into the prison area of the Alpha building. Sarah went up to the guard of the building and before he could ask she said, “Cpt. Sarah Haws ID number 100297.” The guard opened the door. She went in but the section she wanted to get in was on high security. The guard in front of the section door said no one from Alpha, Bravo, or Charlie could get into this section. Sarah pistol whipped the guard. She got in and tripped the alarm for the high security. She got Damian out and commandeered a helicopter with the help of Tanner Peterson and Chad Freeman. Sam’s voice came on the loud speaker, “We have a prisoner escaping with the help of three ATU agents! Take down the helicopter!” Chad smiled, “Our SAM sites won’t be able to lock on to a friendly helicopter.” The sounds of metallic pinging from bullets hit the helicopter. Sarah started to fire back. They were finally out of the area. Sarah sighed, “What airport massacre?” Damian looked out the helicopter window, “It was before I joined the OSS. I worked for the CIA. It was in late October...” FLASHBACK... Sam was only a recruit then from what the file said. Just a rat let out of prison a day before. My unit was sent in to get this guy named Kyle Collins. Kyle’s team of 5 was mowed down and Sam got away easy. He took part in it. 550 innocents dead at that airport. “You ready, Shields?” Audric said.. I nodded. The breach charge was set. The explosive went off. The intel was right. There was Kyle’s team. Audric was killed. He died a hero. Kyle turned around his gun following with the barrel spitting bullets out at Audric. I had already been shooting at Kyle and his team but he still wouldn’t go down. His team was dead and so was he. When I looked at his dead face, he had a sick twisted smile. Sam was running. The police got him again. He got off easy that he didn’t do anything. I know he did. PRESENT... Sarah was looking at Damian for a long time, “So Sam is a murderer?” Damian nodded. He knew what Sarah was thinking. Same as Denton. Chad asked, “Where are we going guys?” Tanner looked at Damian, “Where to Damian?” Damian said, “Afghanistan. I need to see somebody.” Chad changed direction. Damian and Sarah were both a sleep. Tanner smiled. He was out as soon as he touched the helicopter’s cold floor.

Chad landed, “Damian! We’re here!” Damian got out. He went up to the door. He knocked, “Eleazar! Open up!” Eleazar opened the door, “Damian, I see you came out of hiding since those three years, huh?” Damian didn’t like it when Eleazar joked, “Eleazar listen I need all the info you’ve got on Lt. Colonel Samuel Pallock.” Eleazar disappeared for a few seconds and came back, “ISI (Inside Source Intelligence) on Sam. Upload it to the Black Hawk’s computer screen so you can see what’s on the disc.” Damian nodded and said, “One more thing, I need my .357 back.” Eleazar gave him the gun and said something in arabic. Damian followed the instructions given by Eleazar. The screen came up with Sam’s info. Damian said, “I know everything about him already so why don’t you two get educated.” Chad took off to where they were going to next, Colorado. Damian twirled his gun. Sarah said, “Nothing we didn’t already know.” Tanner was looking at the file for a long time. Then he shook his head. They couldn’t tell what he was thinking. “It’s Snowing!” Chad said. Damian and Sarah looked out the window. There was a radio transmission that broke through the silent radio, “Remember we come AT U!” Sarah, Chad, and Tanner all looked at each other, “That’s the ATU motto. They’re here!” An explosion hit the helicopter. Chad said that they were hit and were going down. They all jumped except for Chad who stayed behind. The helicopter crashed on the other side of the mountains. Damian tried to radio in Chad but he wouldn’t answer. Soon he replied, “I’m okay but I’m getting out of here, good luck guys.” Damian saw the ATU set up to shoot them on site. They all started to fire before the ATU. There was a fire fight between them all. A blizzard blew in and the shooting stopped. Damian took this opportunity to retreat to a safer area. Sam’s team was following them. Sarah was using a thermal scope to shoot at the pursuers. Damian was driving the car and smashed into a gate. It was the missile defense base. Damian took his team in under the cover of the blizzard. They got into the empty control room where Jordan Sheldahl’s team was waiting for them. Damian took out Jordan’s team but ran out of ammo. Sarah was hitting Jordan but he fought unfairly. He flipped open his pocket knife, “Come on Sarah. I’ve gotten better, huh?” Damian punched Jordan who fell and hit the launch button for the missiles in their open silos. Jordan’s nose started to bleed, Sarah smiled and laughed, “Once again and by someone else in Delta!” Jordan said, “You’ve done it now Shadow.” An alarm sounded. Damian left Jordan there. They were getting out of Colorado. Those missiles were going to every state in America. Damian heard the sound of a small helicopter engine. Then he saw it. He couldn’t see who was the pilot but, he could see Tanner Peterson get out with Chad. Then he saw the pilot. Damian squinted, “Nikki? Is that you?” Nikki was in his sight now. Sarah and him both were amazed. She was alive. Nikki said, “Where to?”.

Turning Tables 3: The Final Turn

2 months ago Damian and Sarah accidently launched a barrage of missiles. These missiles were designated to every one of the states. They were quickly taken down by jets, but the ATU was suspended and hunted down. The Tables had turned for them, from Hunter to Hunted. The President ordered every branch of the military and government to look out for Damian, Sarah, Nikki, Tanner, and any ATU still looking for them all. This is how it begins...

Chapter 1

Sarah was drinking a cup of coffee. Unusual for her. Tanner and Nikki were both talking, Damian sitting on the couch, reading. Sarah stood up, she’d been quiet the last hour or so. Footsteps came outside the door, in the hallway. Everyone grabbed the gun that they had somewhere near them. Someone tapped out shaving a haircut. Damian finished it and opened the door. Caleb Patterson walked in, holding two bags of groceries. Caleb Patterson was the guy Damian trusted, knowing him through Middle School when they were younger. “So, I see you all are occupied?” Damian nodded, “We’re busy trying to see what are next plan will be.” Damian had been thinking about this for a long time. He didn’t like staying in a friend of Caleb’s house for hours upon hours a day. They’d been there for a week and were still edgy. Sarah and Nikki didn’t trust him, Tanner was suspicious. Caleb and Damian were talking about what to do after this, “I think we should head off to Utah. I have another friend there, he still owes me.” Damian shook his head, “Your friend owed you a favor, you owed me a favor, now we have this place. I think we should go back to Colorado.” Nikki stood up, “We’d be dead there.” Sarah nodded, “Exactly, that’s probably the number one place they’ll look for us at.”

Tanner had stood there watching them talk. Caleb said, “It’s the only place I can think of.” If that was true, they’d be dead in this town. Nikki had an ex boyfriend somewhere in the state of California. They could go there, Damian and Tanner weren’t too happy about that. Caleb had just sighed and sat down at the table, “The ATU are in town. I saw them down the block. We have to make a move now.” He trailed off, looking at the ceiling. “What about Jayden?” Tanner had made that remark a while ago, “He still owns the armory in North Dakota.” Damian shook his head, shooting down every thought that wasn’t his own, “Norman’s not a good idea Tanner.” Caleb stood up and stretched, “I’ve got to go, maybe you can work it out altogether. I’ll take you there.” Caleb left, the door closed shut. Sarah grabbed Damian by the arm, “Caleb’s risked his life to try and help us. Look how many people are willing to save us.” Damian looked at the floor, Sarah let go of his arm. Tanner spoke, “It’s time to leave for where exactly?” Damian nodded, looking for an answer.

Chapter 2

“Rain! Rain! Rain! That’s ALL that ever seems to happen here! I’m tired of it!” Nikki was pissed, more than usual. Tanner was worried, as was everyone. Since they’d traveled to Portland, rain was all they’d seen. Sarah looked like she agreed. Caleb was coming to pick them up, they were going to go to one of Sarah’s friends’ house who lived in Buxton. Caleb knocked on the door, they were all ready to go. “Damian, it’s a ways from here to Buxton. She’s looking forward to finally meeting you.” Sarah was smiling, Damian had heard that she talked about him constantly during her first year in the ATU.

Caleb was slowly washing the rain away from the windshield, the car held up at a red light. No cars on any side of them, except for behind them. A Black SUV. Sarah looked in the mirror, “I think that’s ATU.” Damian didn’t turn around but actually agreed. Caleb turned around, the only one in the car to do so, “Oh crap, do you guys have your guns?” Nikki scoffed, grabbing her M9 and tossing the clip out, “Always Caleb. Always,” A bullet flew through the back window, glass shattering. Caleb stepped on the gas, Damian pulled out his Colt. Tanner turned and fired, a bullet slamming into one of the head lights. Damian rolled down his window, a bullet flying right past him, breaking the windshield. Caleb shielded his eyes, another bullet hitting the radio. Damian unbuckled his seat belt and leaned out the window, shooting the car behind them. The ATU weren’t dumb, they changed direction, slamming into Caleb’s car.

Damian almost was thrown out of the window. Damian continued to shoot, finally hitting the passenger who was doing the exact same thing he was. The guy held his neck, choking on a bullet, blood spewing all over his hands. Tanner shot the tire exploding on the SUV. They swerved right and then back to the left, slamming into the car. They still were going. Damian unloaded the last two rounds into the engine. An ATU agent with an M16 leaned out of the window. Sarah shouted, “SHIT! THEY’VE GOT AN M16!” Caleb quickly turned the car to the right, barely missing a civilian car. The SUV was still going, the sound of the M16 sent shivers up Tanner’s spine. Nikki had started firing at the guy holding the automatic. The sounds of the automatic were silenced. Everyone knew that Nikki had earned the kill. Sarah, Tanner, Damian, and Nikki all turned around with their guns ready, all shooting at the same time. The car turned to the right, the driver was dead. The car flipped over and caught fire. Caleb’s eyes were being stunned by the rain. Caleb pulled into an abandoned lot, he rushed inside of a building. Everyone slowly got out too. After sticking inside the building for five minutes, Caleb finally spoke up, “I can’t believe it took them that long to find us! How’d they know we’d be there?”

Chapter 3

Sarah and Damian were both thinking the same thing, a spy. “Caleb, I suspect your friend is a spy. He’s working with Sam.” Caleb looked surprised, “What about Eleazar! He knew we were there too!” Caleb was right. Damian hadn’t talked to Eleazar until that morning. Eleazar Coral, he was doing fine, still hiding in the desert in Afghanistan. Nikki was sitting on a box, looking out the window. She looked at Damian and then at Sarah, “Someone’s coming, they don’t look armed.” Nikki loaded her gun, the man was coming in. Sarah pistol whipped the guy, he fell to the floor, it was an older gentleman, probably 48-52 years old. Damian smiled, “Not what I would’ve done but, I guess that’s so he’s still alive. No need for unnecessary losses.” Sarah nodded, Nikki and Tanner led out the door, Sarah checking the man for a pulse. He had one, Sarah followed Damian out the door. The rain was coming down harder, the smell of smokey-rain floated through the air, Caleb had his gun still out. Tanner grabbed it from him, “We need to keep these things concealed.” Caleb nodded sheepishly, “I know, didn’t see it was out.” Damian’s phone rang.

Damian picked it up, “Hello?,” Everyone looked in silence, Damian’s facial expressions changing slowly, it was Sam, “You let him go. I’ll turn myself in if you let him go.” The sound of silence and Damian’s frustrated hang up meant Sam had either said No or hung up on him. Damian’s eyes filled with tears, “They’ve got Eleazar, they’re threatening to kill him if we don’t give up.” Caleb looked around, “Where do they have him?” “1948 North Roosevelt Road, in a warehouse.” Caleb looked at the car and then looked at the Old man’s car, “We’ve got to go get him.”

Chapter 4

The whole team waited outside the warehouse, they weren’t going to bust in just yet. The rain slowly hit the window, Damian opened the door, “Wait here.” Caleb grabbed his gun and reached for the door, “We’re going in together.” Tanner, Sarah, and Nikki had already joined in. Standing around the door, Caleb gave the signal. Damian kicked the door open and ran in, Caleb and Sarah following in after. No one was in there. Sitting on a table in a briefcase was a note and a bomb, “It’s a trap run!” The sound of the ticking explosive made shivers run up Sarah’s spine. The clock stopped, Sarah jumped. The warehouse exploded, tremendous heat hitting her back. Sarah was laying face down, blood slowly coming out of her back. Caleb drug her away, the rain showing the small smears of blood. Damian didn’t seem too worried about Sarah.

Eleazar wasn’t there, which meant that he was somewhere else. Probably not even in the city. It mattered to everyone, he knew everything about them. If Sam got a hold on him, they’d be dead in less than a day. Sarah was okay, her shirt tore in the upper back area, she was fine though. Caleb had seen that Sarah had no balance and she was about to fall, he caught her. He had looked into her eyes at that moment for a long time. Damian was watching, along with Tanner. Nikki was on her cellphone talking to someone she knew, Damian had hoped. Caleb helped Sarah back on her feet and into the car, Nikki had gotten off the phone and grabbed Damian’s forearm right before they got in the car, “There’s another warehouse down by the docks, I hope he’s there.” Damian didn’t question, Caleb had drove over there. The ATU were right next to them. They didn’t shoot until their helicopter flew over, strafing the road in front of them. Caleb just stepped on the gas, determined to get out of the place in a hurry.

Chapter 5

Caleb moved over, telling Damian to take over. He stuck his head out the window, along with his USP .45. The clack sound of his gun followed by the shatter of windows, only to be complete by the scream and crash of the car. The helicopter wasn’t to far ahead of not being hit, Nikki took a shot. Lucky enough to hit the engine, catching the engine on fire and keeping it out of the way. Caleb got back in control of the vehicle, soon after they arrived at the docks. Damian was the last one out, Sarah was ready to open the door. Caleb had looked in the window and said, “They’re in there. I see him.” The door was locked, Sarah couldn’t kick it down, the door was blocked by a car on the other side. Sam looked up, and smiled. He pulled out his .357 Magnum and aimed it at Eleazar’s head.

Eleazar looked up seeing Sarah, he lipped out “Don’t even try to stop him.” Sam pulled the trigger, Eleazar collapsed. Sarah turned away, tears forming in her eyes. The echo of the shot rang through her ears, Damian’s expression didn’t change. Caleb got in the car, started it up and did something no one expected. He rammed the door, the window smashing but the wall not giving way. It was a waste of an effort, but not a bad

Chapter 6

Damian was quiet, so much quieter. Caleb had actually tried to comfort him as much as Nikki did. It didn’t work. His face was blank and expressionless. “He’s going to be like that for a while.” Sarah agreed, Tanner was right most of the time. The sounds of cars pulling up to the hotel were frequent, but not like the ones that happened a minute ago. Sarah had looked out and had seen people walking up stairs on the North side of the hotel. She had thought she heard voices a while ago, but dismissed them later on. Nikki had started looking out the window a while later, Caleb and Sarah had started to talk about Damian’s condition while Tanner talked to an unresponsive Damian. The sound of someone say, “Numbers 2 and 3 attack from the windows. We’ve got them now.” Damian moved towards his gun. Everyone else did the same, it was Jordan’s voice. There was the sound of the police cars coming over too. Outside were men dressed in black. Damian said, “Nicholas Winter. I recognize that vehicle anywhere.”

If Sarah was correct, Damian had said something about Nicholas a long time ago. The AT had either set a breaching charge, or someone’s watch was just going crazy. Caleb shot through the door. “THEY’RE IN THERE, GO GO GO!” Someone kicked the door open, Tanner fired the first shot. Blood caked itself on the wall, Sarah firing another round towards the door. Not hitting anything though. Damian and Nikki shot the four who barged in through the window. Nicholas Winter had been yelling for them to lay down their weapons and give up. They ran through the hallway, getting shot at by ATU and the others. There was no escape, Sarah had thought that in her head right as she saw a window at the end of the hall along with the AT fighting Nicholas’ team, making their way towards them. Sarah put her thoughts in action, “JUMP!” Nikki turned to Sarah, “Are you insane? We’ll be killed!” Sarah looked around, they didn’t have a choice. She shot the window out, AT beginning to fire. Sarah jumped, the wind flying through her hair. Meeting her with an abrupt stop when she hit the dumpster below. The others did the same, Damian hadn’t jumped out. He had been shooting at them, saying that each kill was for Eleazar. He finally jumped.

Chapter 7

They had gotten away, amazingly. Damian was the first to speak when they got under the bridge, “I got Jordan in the leg,” Caleb was looking carefully at them all, “He went down right as Nicholas’ team went in, they got him in custody.” Sarah let out a laugh, and in the dim moon light and rain, Damian could see that smile that Sarah had managed to keep through all this. It was when they had first met that he’d seen that smile, then after one terrible rumor, that he hadn’t started, she hated him. Nikki was sitting next to Tanner, Caleb was watching what they were doing. Tanner had kept on asking if they would ever be able to lead normal lives again, if this was all over. Sarah had put a lot of thought into that. If it was worth winning to lose. Caleb pulled something out of his coat, it was a gun. “That the gun I gave you as soon as you started working for the CIA?” Caleb nodded. Damian looked at it for a long time, that gun was a prized gun for accuracy. It had killed Kyle Collins. Caleb ejected the clip, it still had a few rounds left in it, “The ammo for this gun is Irreplaceable. The guy who ran the gun store said it was.” Sarah hadn’t remembered why Caleb was so fond of carrying it around, maybe it was because of the friendship that had lasted between Caleb and Damian. Thunder shook all of them. “We’ll have to take shifts. The ATU and Nic will sure be looking for us.” They all agreed, nodding at the same time.

Chapter 8

Tanner had taken the first shift, being careful not to fall asleep to the calming rain that hit the creek in front of them. A few times he had almost dozed off. He had seen an outline of what looked like a rock in the fog and rain. He woke Caleb the time his watch beeped. Caleb got up, yawning. He was going to turn around and ask Tanner something, but he had already gone to sleep. This lasted all the way up to Nikki. When she woke up and continued her shift, she woke Damian up. Damian stood watch until it was Sarah’s turn. When it came to Sarah, she passed it back to Damian. Sarah looked at Damian, “Hey. Wake up, it’s your turn again.” He sat up, “They’ve all gone again?” Damian yawned and Sarah said, “No. It’s just easier to get you up. You should be good at watching over us, just because you used to.” Damian smiled. He stood up and yawned again, stretching along with saying, “Good thinking. It was true that once before I could fly. But that was before.” Sarah hadn’t understood what he was talking about. He shook his head, “Good night Sarah.”

It was at that moment she had realized what she was about to do. Her and Damian were just about to kiss when Nikki had said, “Save it you two. When this is over, if it ever is, then there’ll be time for that.” Nikki was right, there were times for that. Damian stood guard for an hour, there was no one to pass it to. He sat up against the wall, looking over at them.

This was what it had come to, they were wanted dead or alive by the Government. Damian had killed Tanner Denton only two years ago. That had sparked the hatred between Sam and him, but not the only thing. Nikki, a former OSS operative who’d survived by the same reason as Sarah and himself. She had lost her partner, along with her chance of leading a normal life. She went into hiding, somehow. Tanner Peterson, worked with Sarah in the ATU. He never expected himself to be fighting with them. Then there was Sarah, worked in the OSS for only eight months, the amount of time Damian had worked there too. Caleb was an interesting person, Damian had known him since Middle School. Damian snapped out of his memory lane thing, they were waking up. Damian stood up, “I’m tired now.”

Chapter 9

Camping out under the bridge, they were making a plan. There was no rain, which meant no cover of their advance. They couldn’t wait too long or they’d be found, “So where to from here?” Damian was thinking, “We’re going to find Sam. Today we will. Nikki can fly us in a helicopter to a possible location of Sam.” Nikki had given Damian a look that meant, No helicopter means no flight. Tanner popped in, “There’s an airport near here, right?” Sarah nodded, there actually was one. “We can go there, sneak out in a helicopter and fly to where we think Sam is.” It was almost enough to get them killed, but it made sense. Caleb said, “That’s a good plan. But we can’t walk there.”

He had a point. Hijacking a car would get them in more trouble than they wanted to be in. Nikki got on her phone, she was on for about thirty seconds. She hung up and said, “One of my friends who helped keep me ‘underground’ will get us to the airport. “Who could that be? Nikki smiled, “You’ll see.” In a few seconds a helicopter flew over top the bridge, landing farther in the woods, “That’s our ride, come on.” They all ran to the woods, soon finding the hovering chopper waiting for them. A ladder dropped. Nikki climbed up first, “Come on! Sam’s not going to kill himself!” One by one they climbed up, no one cared who the pilot was. Just as long as they were getting out of there. The pilot flew over the airport, hovering over some of the helicopters below, “This is the place, good luck.” Nikki hugged the pilot and said, “Thanks, I owe you one.” The pilot laughed, “Forget it. This is a one way trip.” There were parachutes sitting in the corner of the helicopter, they were probably set for them. Sarah put one on and jumped, opening as soon as she jumped out. It seemed dangerous, Nikki did the same thing. Caleb and Tanner had to share a parachute, Damian looked out and realized he couldn’t jump. He didn’t want to, the pilot pushed him out. His parachute opened automatically, saving him from falling more.

Chapter 10

Damian unhooked himself from the ‘chute. Nikki had already found a nice civilian helicopter that she could fly. “Sarah, can you be my co-pilot? You and me are the only ones who can fly these things.” Sarah nodded, it was true. The others found a seat inside the Jet Ranger. Nikki and Sarah didn’t even bother to do a check list, they were in a hurry anyway. The airport security were chasing them down, not fast enough though. Caleb loaded his gun, pulling out the other one and looking over it. Tanner and Damian did the same, it was going to be a long flight to the death of Sam Pallock.

Damian had been watching out the window, looking at the trees below. “There it is, looks like we were right coming here. The ATU have this place heavily guarded though.” Damian peaked around Nikki’s seat, she wasn’t kidding. “Okay, Damian, Caleb, and I will all go in,” Sarah was making a plan, it seemed good so far, “When we kill Sam, I’ll have Caleb send for you guys. We’ll blow the place up and get out of there.” Nikki nodded, letting go of the stick to cheer. Nikki got in as close as she could, Damian, Sarah, and Caleb were ready to jump. “Tanner, you stay and help Nikki fly this thing, okay?” He looked sad and happy. The three jumped, Nikki pulled up and turned around. She had left them for the moment. It was time to kill Sam.

Chapter 11

There were sentries watching over the entrance, some guys in towers. All they had were pistols. “We should’ve armed ourselves better.” She was right. The guys on patrol had MP5's and G3's. This gave Caleb an idea. As the last three guards were passing, he would grab one of them, stab him with the knife and have the other two do the same. There was a slight problem with his theory, Damian and Sarah both didn’t have a knife. Sarah could pistol whip, and Damian could choke them. It was time to put the plan in action, “As the last three are going by, we get them. Okay?” Damian didn’t say anything but Sarah had, “Alright, I was thinking the same thing actually.” No one had noticed that the guards were dead. Caleb had a G36C, Sarah and Damian had gotten MP5's. That one guard that they’d left behind was going to soon see that his friends were gone. “Okay, attack. We are greatly outnumbered but we’ll make it.” Everyone hoped he was right. Sarah took the first shot, hitting one of the guys in the towers. Someone took another shot, Sarah couldn’t tell if it was Damian or Caleb. The doors to the complex opened, right as an alarm sounded. They all took separate shots, knocking all who dared to shoot them. “MOVE UP!” Damian shouted, the doors to the entrance were closing. Damian jumped through right as Sarah had ran past him. Caleb was trapped on the other side. “Go on! I’ll find another way in!” Sarah and Damian pushed on, both with their guns pointing in front of them. It had suddenly gone quiet. The alarm was still going, more distant. Sam was sure to attempt to keep going. Speaking of Sam came with the old convenience of his voice, “So, you think you can take me, eh? You’re in for a surprise here. Not only is it going to kill you, it will also make you wish you weren’t here right now.” He hung up the PA. A loud Ping came from in front of them. It was a bullet hitting the metal floor. Sarah reacted by shooting in that direction, a lucky shot too. They pressed on, being attacked by numerous snipers. Sam came on again, this time giving away his position, “I’m in the comm room. You don’t stand a chance against me.” Damian looked around, the spiraling staircase was creeping him out. “He’s up there on the left, the only door with a CM on it.” They climbed up, the door was locked. It wasn’t going to end here.

Chapter 12

The sounds of a helicopter were starting to give Damian the shakes. He wasn’t going to let Sam leave. “Okay, on three I’ll kick the door open. You shoot any guards that Sam might have and we’ll both close in for the kill.” Sarah nodded. Damian moved in front of the door, ready to breach. Before kicking the door in, he looked at Sarah and smiled. The sound of a gunshot and Damian falling made everything seem to stop. He hit the floor. Sarah couldn’t hear herself screaming NO!!! She looked over him, he had been killed. Sam walked up to Sarah, “He’s the one who’s dead now. You’re coming with me.” Sarah was crying, she had wanted Damian to live. She had failed to protect him. Sam pointed the magnum at Sarah’s head, “Come on.” She stood up. She was now a prisoner, if Caleb couldn’t find her... She’d be with Damian.

Chapter 13

She’d been tied to a chair, explosives set all around her. Sam didn’t seem happy nor victorious, “The surprise should be here any second now, along with my helicopter.” Sarah was pissed, “What the hell is wrong with you!? You killed Damian and you’re leaving Caleb, Nikki, and Tanner out?” Sam smiled, “Nikki and Tanner will be dead in the hour. As for...” The door opened, Caleb walked in. “Caleb? What’s going on!?” Caleb looked at her and said, “I’m sorry. I had to give away all our locations. It’s over now.” Sarah whispered under her breath, “You set us up, you killed Eleazar.” Caleb must’ve heard her because he said, “That’s only half-true.” Sam walked out of the room, heading to the parked helicopter sitting on the roof. There her and Caleb were in the same room, alone. “Why’d you do it?” Sarah was to the point of crying. “Listen, this is part of the plan.” Sarah snapped, “What FUFFING PLAN!?” Caleb knew he would have to tell her. He started, “I’m going to get you out of here. I had to work with Sam for a reason that I can’t tell you right now.” He moved closer to Sarah, untying her from the chair, “Now I’m going to give you your gun.” Caleb didn’t trust her, she was sure to shoot him as soon as he gave her the gun. Caleb handed her the gun, “Up on the roof. The guards will be after you. I’m going to hold them off with the little ammo I have in my pistol.” Sarah took the gun from him. She wasn’t going to shoot him. Caleb opened the door for her, shooting the first guards he saw. It was a long fall, the door to the comm room was being knocked on repeatedly. Caleb shouted, “Go! Go! Go!” Sarah ran up the stairs, the door shutting behind her. There it was. The roof’s door was metal, Sarah busted it open.

Sam was in the helicopter, she shot the two guards who stayed outside covering Sam’s retreat. She fired into the cockpit a few times, walking toward the helicopter with every shot. Sam knocked her down, she felt her leg go in a direction it wasn’t supposed to. He was about to shoot her. The sound of the helicopter was staying the same. She remembered something like this, it was between Damian and Tanner Denton. Two years ago. Sam wasn’t the one who fired, whoever it was that had, hit him directly in the stomach. Blood shot out of the wound, Sam was still alive, looking in the direction of where the shot had came from. Another shot hit him in the same place. Sarah turned to see who it was, there stood Caleb. One hand at his side and the other holding the gun that he’d used to shoot Sam. It was Damian’s gift. Damian was leaning up against the roof door, he had fired a round that hit Sam in the leg. Damian fell forward, Caleb rushing to his aid. Sarah reached for her gun.

She pointed it towards Sam, “This is for Eleazar.” She pulled the trigger, hitting Sam dead on in the forehead. His body fell off the roof. The helicopter pilot was still alive, he took off getting out of there. Sarah watched as that helicopter exploded, an Apache flying over the roof seconds later. Four Black Hawks were hovering over the roof, dropping ropes onto the floor, men in blue vests and black shirts came out of the helicopters. One of them saying “Freeze! Put your guns down and don’t move!” Caleb said something that no one ever thought he’d say, “Caleb Patterson FBI, I was a double agent working with Sam and these guys,” He pointed behind him, “I’m out of this.” A guy who was walking out of the door replied, “I’ll need to see a badge and hear from a supervisor with that info, Mr. Patterson.” Caleb pulled out a badge, and a cell-phone. The man took the phone and said, “Supervisor’s number?” Caleb pointed to three and the green button.

The man was Nicholas Winter, “Okay. You’re clear. Your Supervisor wanted me to tell you that this is your call,” Caleb didn’t understand, “You mean, I get to decide if they’re captured or free?” Nicholas nodded. Caleb looked at Sarah, who was looking at him. Then at Damian, who was attempting to keep conscious. He looked in the air for Tanner and Nikki, but instead saw helicopters that were clearing up the ATU, “Free. I know they’re all killers, but they did it to kill a mad man named Samuel Pallock.” Nicholas nodded, “Damian hurt?” Caleb nodded, “Sarah too. They both need attention, Damian right away.” The last thing Sarah remembered seeing that day was being lifted into a helicopter, by Chad Freeman. It was him, Sarah recognized his face.


Sarah woke up in the military hospital. Caleb was sitting next to her, “Where am I?” Caleb looked tired, “You’re where you’re supposed to be.,” Sarah sat up, her leg was in a lot of pain, “The doctor said you’ll be okay to leave today.” Sarah looked at Caleb, “Did Nikki and Tanner come here yet?” Caleb nodded, “They were fine, ran out of gas and landed in the mountains.” Sarah laughed. Caleb didn’t laugh, he looked serious, “What’s wrong?” Caleb looked at the floor, “We all were going to pay in the end.,” Caleb looked up, his eyes filled with tears, “Damian paid the check.” Sarah swallowed, she fell back on the pillow. Damian was dead for real this time.

One week later...

There was a light rain, Sarah was standing in front of Damian’s grave for a long time. She kept reciting the words on the tombstone. Damian Shields, February 5th 1997- September 17th 2011, aged 14 years and 7 months. OSS agent and a hero. Damian wasn’t a hero, he wouldn’t have wanted that title. All he did was save the world from Sam. Caleb walked behind her, “Sarah, it’s time to go. Nikki and Tanner are waiting in the car.” Sarah nodded slowly, a single tear fell from her face. She looked at the window as they drove away, no one attempted to cheer her up, it would’ve been pointless. Back at home, she was watching TV. The report had said that Jordan Sheldahl, former ATU agent, hung himself. “Coward.” Sarah had said to herself, Caleb was in the kitchen reading the paper. Sarah saw on the table that Nikki had left her M9 behind. She picked it up. It was loaded. She pressed it to her head, “I see no other way.” Caleb grabbed the gun, she pulled the trigger. “Are you nuts!” Sarah was looking into his eyes, like she had the day Eleazar died. She didn’t say anything. All she did was stare into his eyes longer, they both kissed each other. It was a long kiss, it lasted at least ten seconds. From that day forward Caleb and Sarah started going out, along with Tanner and Nikki doing the same. Caleb had resigned from the FBI, he didn’t see the career that his supervisor had said he had. It was over for them all. Soon Sarah forgot about Damian and Eleazar. Not forgetting the death of Sam though.

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