Alright, so I'm going to let you know what's going on in my head as of now:

First, I haven't forgotten about any of the projects I've mentioned before hand. The purpose of this blog is to give insight on what is and isn't at the moment.

Video Projects

I have planned two video projects that are Gmod based (duh) and many more that are just thoughts and will probably not happen. The two projects are one I'm hoping to collaborate with my best friend Sean; It'll be something short and simplistic most likely but won't have a thing to do with ADITL or any other comic for that matter. It'll be sherely random. The second project is one based off of an encounter I had in TF2 one day and will be a parody of the so called "good players" of TF2. Titles for this stuff? Eh, probably not yet.

I do have many ideas planned as mentioned formerly, but won't say they'll all make it to the board. This said, this leads me to my next topic:


Yes, what I basically started out with. A Day in the Life is my biggest idea and most well developed one. Problem? Finding out where to actually start the comic and under what circumstances. I don't want to start with the idea of the main character already being totally known and all the main stuff being down. Know this; there are plenty of characters in ADITL with actual story.

Other comics I'd like to see happen are serious/funny comics that I've got in my head. That's as far as they've gotten; my head. Things with all things are all things take time. I'll put that in a quote box somewhere. I just need some time to sit down, take pictures, and enter comic stuff into them. Simple but time consuming.


What I made this wiki for! What's the status of written stories? I don't know. I had a remake of Turning Tables the first started but ended up gutting the idea three times. When I got to the third time, I decided to shelf it and just never came back to it. Do I want to continue writing? Yes, but not in the way I used to do it. I really want to write a fanfiction of sorts and do some remakes of my most famous works (absolutely excluding THE INFECTED series).


The last drawing I made was Christmas of the year 2012. I am not going back to drawing. Anything. Ever. I am not returning to the only art style I knew how to draw. So, this is dead.


Eeyup. That's still there.

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