Alright, because Gmod isn't working there won't be comics until we find out what's exactly going on with it. For that reason, I will be working more on Turning Tables 1: The Remake. It'll add more to it and I want to add a "Gap" story after the third one is remade. I also might be writing some more fanfics and war stories. Not exactly thought all that through just yet. What I can give about Turning Tables 1 so far is:

1. Lieutenants Sarah Haws and Damian Shields are still main characters. I'm adding more depth in "shifting" from Damian to Sarah and vice versa throughout the story.

2. I wanted to add more detail and depth in the storyline.

3. I wanted to add more about the Ambassador War and the Ambassador Regime and the Student Council. Backgrounds on Sarah and Damian as well.

4. Actual timelines. Example: Gio Hudson and CC, 10/21/2010, City 1, Northern Province.

5. Operation names!

6. Code names!

7. Easter eggs!

Turning Tables 2 and 3 will be the same way. After that, I plan to do Turning Tables: The Gap taking place between the timeframe of the first and second. I plan to do a story that takes place prior to the first one as well, telling the tales of how Sarah and Damian made it into the OSS (where each will end). If there is a TT4 (which I highly doubt), it'd be taking place years after TT3. It'd be like Black Ops 2.

More to come. No dates yet.

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