Yam the Llama is a non-canon OC made specifically for use in the Happy Tree Friends roleplay community.

Yam Llama


May 5th








Yam's childhood was normal. He got into trouble doing the "typical" boy stuffs. He graduated high school and went for an associates degree in Liberal Arts (it hasn't done him any good so far).

He went from his hometown of Paca to Tree Town for an unexplained reason. When he arrived he asked where he could find a hotel, showing that maybe he had no reason to show up in Tree Town to begin with. He goes around and interacts with the many residents in town but he frequents the cafe most often.


Nanny Goat

While he's never had any real interactions directly with her, he's seen her on a rampage through the cafe. He knows about her condition and expresses an interest in how traumatic brain injuries affect the brain.


Because he frequents the cafe he interacts her just about every day. He doesn't seem to have any problems with her antics throughout town, though it's likely that he just doesn't know or care.

Moonlight the Wolf

He's had many an encounter with him and seems to see him as a friend. He was the first one that he talked to when he entered the town.


He's had enough interactions to see him as a friend.


  • He wears black, square rimmed glasses and claims to be "terribly near sighted".
  • He shows that he has a good amount of intelligence with the words he uses and his ability to problem solve.
  • When he first arrived in town, there was an alien invasion going on. When he overheard this he exclaimed, "Aliens? What's wrong with this town!"
  • He doesn't seem to understand the oddities of Tree Town and chooses to ignore them most of the time.
  • He has a brother, as shown when he asked Moonlight if he believed in werewolves.
  1. He stated that, "My brother used to always say that there were werewolves that walked among normal people. He said that they lurk in the first at night because that's the only place they belong. I don't believe it's true, but it certainly kept me out of the woods at night."
  • His favorite food is apricots.
  • His favorite drink is lemonade.
  • He likes to read mystery books. He even delivered one to Blu personally when he was in the cafe.